Why You Need To Visit Jacksonville, FL

Posted on Thu 17 November 2016 in Jax


Vacationing can definitely broaden people's horizon and add additional colorful memories that be valuable for the remainder pf their lives. In planning for a perfect trip we often times think of the destination which can make every second and penny all worthwhile. It's something that we meticulously think about (especially for those who are concerned with budget!) and decide according to certain factors. To make your decision-making easier, we will discuss why you should consider adding Jacksonville, FL on your bucket list.

So, why Jacksonville, FL? What's so excellent about it? Well, let us give you brilliant reasons to visit "The Bold New City of the South":



Sparkling beaches

Jacksonville offers a long coastline (twenty-two miles of paradise!) which can be the perfect place to unwind or to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. It's not crowded so, you don't really need to worry about being uncomfortable with other people. There are actually a lot of activities in store for you in case you're looking for some fun in the water. You can rent out a boat, learn how to kayak, or just take a stroll along the coast.


Foodie Haven

Mouthwatering food can really make a trip memorable and impressive. Jacksonville is home to exquisite seafood restaurants that can make you asking for more. As a result of the rich cultural diversity, your taste buds certainly would be impressed by the exquisite taste of the native cuisine.


Scenarios For The Artistic Soul

If you happen to be an art aficionado, Jacksonville can ensure that you get entertaining events that will certainly make you love art more! During the first Wednesday of each month you possibly can experience the Art Walk which gives you a chance to explore more than 65 venues across Downtown Jacksonville. It is easy to bond with local artists, localized businesses and just enjoy a night filled with inspiration. Aside from this event, you can visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cummer Art & Gardens or even have a blast at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival.